(Sisters Inspiring Sisters To Engage in Relevant Diabetes Self-Care)
Diabetes Study

What is this study?

  • This study will compare two ways to help African American women with diabetes eat healthier.
  • The results may help doctors and other health care professionals provide better diabetes care for African American women.

Why is this Diabetes Research Study so Important?

  • Diabetes causes more serious health problems and deaths for African American women, compared to other women.
  • Best ways to provide diabetes support for African American women are not fully known or used.
  • African American women living with diabetes and future generations may live healthier and longer lives if support is identified and made more widely available.

What Can Study Participants Expect to Receive?

Free Nutritionist Support for Managing Food Intake and Daily Life

Free Diabetes Education Materials Such as Cookbooks

Free Samples of Healthy Meals and Snacks

Support from other African American Women Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Reimbursement for Time and Travel

Random Prize Drawings

Who Can Participate?

  • African American women with Type 2 diabetes that are 21 years old and older
  • Click below for other eligibility criteria

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