Faculty Biography

Amosy M'Koma, MD, MS, PhD

Associate Professor
Biochemistry, Cancer Biology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology
Secondary Appointment
School of Medicine
(615) 327-6796 | amkoma@mmc.edu

Research Themes

Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer Biology, Gastrointestinal Diseases

Active Research Projects

1. Differentiating ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s colitis through proteomic patterns, NIH/NIDDK

2. Role of free hemoglobin alpha chain in colitis-associated colorectal cancer, VICC GI SPORE

3. Targeted DEFA5 Abs and assay methods for diagnosing and treating inflammatory bowel disease, VICTR

Goals Schematic



Human alpha defensin 5 is a candidate biomarker to delineate inflammatory bowel disease.
Williams AD, Korolkova OY, Sakwe AM, Geiger TM, James SD, Muldoon RL, Herline AJ, Goodwin JS, Izban MG, Washington MK, Smoot DT, Ballard BR, Gazouli M, M'Koma AE

Serum protein profiling of adults and children with Crohn disease.
Vaiopoulou A, Gazouli M, Papadopoulou A, Anagnostopoulos AK, Karamanolis G, Theodoropoulos GE, M'Koma A, Tsangaris GT


Surgery, Inflammatory bowel disease, Biomarker, Colitis-associated colorectal cancer, Molecular diagnostics