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Dentistry Center of Excellence

For over one hundred and thirty-four years, Meharry’s School of Dentistry has provided educational opportunities for African Americans, ethnic minorities, and underrepresented/disadvantaged students through educational programs, service delivery and community outreach programs. The School of Dentistry plays a vital role in addressing oral health disparities within the United States and other underserved countries. We emphasize comprehensive evidence-based care, regardless of social or economic circumstances, geographical origin or ethnicity.

Established in 1988, Meharry’s Dentistry Center of Excellence remains a nationally recognized resource for providing a strong curriculum in clinical dentistry and basic principles of research. Forty percent of active African American dentists graduated from Meharry and a vast majority of our graduates practice in underserved communities. We ensure that research training is fully integrated within the academic programs, encouraging faculty and students to be fully engaged in research activities.

Research support for students is available and has focused on:

  • oral biology and systemic health
  • issues surrounding opioid use
  • diabetes
  • intimate partner violence
  • cancer
  • behavioral sciences
  • women’s health

For more information, contact the School of Dentistry Student & Academic Affairs.

Dentistry Center of Excellence Publications

Feasibility of precision smoking treatment in a low-income community setting: results of a pilot randomized controlled trial in The Southern Community Cohort Study.
Scott S Lee, Nicole Senft Everson, Maureen Sanderson, Rebecca Selove, William J Blot, Stephen King, Karen Gilliam, Suman Kundu, Mark Steinwandel, Sarah J Sternlieb, Qiuyin Cai, Shaneda Warren Andersen, Debra L Friedman, Erin Connors Kelly, Mary Kay Fadden, Matthew S Freiberg, Quinn S Wells, Juan Canedo, Rachel F Tyndale, Robert P Young, Raewyn J Hopkins, Hilary A Tindle

Acceleration of benzo(a)pyrene-induced colon carcinogenesis by Western diet in a rat model of colon cancer.
Kelly L Harris, Kenneth J Harris, Leah D Banks, Samuel E Adunyah, Aramandla Ramesh

Application of Mass Cytometry Platforms to Solid Organ Transplantation.
Wenming Zhang, Ayantika Sen, Josselyn K Pena, Andrea Reitsma, Oliver C Alexander, Tetsuya Tajima, Olivia M Martinez, Sheri M Krams

A pilot observation using ultrasonography and vowel articulation to investigate the influence of suspected obstructive sleep apnea on upper airway.
Shumit Saha, Anand Rattansingh, Rosemary Martino, Keerthana Viswanathan, Anamika Saha, Nasim Montazeri Ghahjaverestan, Azadeh Yadollahi

Recent Trends of "Manels" and Gender Representation Among Panelists at North American Annual Radiation Oncology Meetings.
Laura Burgess, Anushka Ghosh, Beow Y Yeap, Nabeel Rasheed, Siri Ragala, Anita Nwiloh, Henning Willers, Anthony Zietman, Neha Vapiwala, Sophia C Kamran

Performance of AI chatbots on controversial topics in oral medicine, pathology, and radiology.
Hossein Mohammad-Rahimi, Zaid H Khoury, Mina Iranparvar Alamdari, Rata Rokhshad, Parisa Motie, Azin Parsa, Tiffany Tavares, James J Sciubba, Jeffery B Price, Ahmed S Sultan