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Internal Medicine

Diagnosing problems with internal structures of the body and developing nonsurgical treatments.

Internal Medicine Researchers

Maria del Pilar Aguinaga, PhD, DLM (ASCP)

Director, Meharry Sickle Cell Center & Professor
School of Medicine
Sickle Cell Center

(615) 327-6591

Richard L. Martin, III, MD, MPH

Co-Director/Medical Director, Sickle Cell Center & Assistant Professor
School of Medicine
Sickle Cell Center

(615) 327-5894

Robert S. Mushi, PhD, MT(ASCP)

Laboratory Supervisor
Meharry Sickle Cell Center
Sickle Cell Center

(615) 327-6853

Internal Medicine Publications

Health insurance status affects hypertension control in a hospital based internal medicine clinic.
Ayodeji A Oso, Abiodun Adefurin, Monique M Benneman, Olatunde O Oso, Muinat A Taiwo, Oluwafisayo O Adebiyi, Olorunkemi Oluwole

Mobile Access to Clinical Information at the Point of Care.
Fatima M Mncube-Barnes, Ben Lee, Olumuyiwa Esuruoso, Phil N Gona, Stephane Daphnis

Using a nursing protocol to assure equitable delivery of cancer-related prevention services.
R S Levine, B A Husaini, J S Emerson, P C Hull, N C Briggs, C J Moriarty, V A Cain

Machine Learning-Augmented Propensity Score-Adjusted Multilevel Mixed Effects Panel Analysis of Hands-On Cooking and Nutrition Education versus Traditional Curriculum for Medical Students as Preventive Cardiology: Multisite Cohort Study of 3,248 Trainees over 5 Years.
Dominique J Monlezun, Lyn Dart, Anne Vanbeber, Peggy Smith-Barbaro, Vanessa Costilla, Charlotte Samuel, Carol A Terregino, Emine Ercikan Abali, Beth Dollinger, Nicole Baumgartner, Nicholas Kramer, Alex Seelochan, Sabira Taher, Mark Deutchman, Meredith Evans, Robert B Ellis, Sonia Oyola, Geeta Maker-Clark, Tomi Dreibelbis, Isadore Budnick, David Tran, Nicole DeValle, Rachel Shepard, Erika Chow, Christine Petrin, Alexander Razavi, Casey McGowan, Austin Grant, Mackenzie Bird, Connor Carry, Glynis McGowan, Colleen McCullough, Casey M Berman, Kerri Dotson, Tianhua Niu, Leah Sarris, Timothy S Harlan, On Behalf Of The Chop Co-Investigators

Erectile Dysfunction and Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease.
Martin Miner, Sharon J Parish, Kevin L Billups, Mark Paulos, Mark Sigman, Michael J Blaha