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Family & Community Medicine

Medicine in the context of where and with whom we live.

Family & Community Medicine Publications

The Effects of Social, Personal, and Behavioral Risk Factors and PM2.5 on Cardio-Metabolic Disparities in a Cohort of Community Health Center Patients.
Paul D Juarez, Mohammad Tabatabai, Robert Burciaga Valdez, Darryl B Hood, Wansoo Im, Charles Mouton, Cynthia Colen, Mohammad Z Al-Hamdan, Patricia Matthews-Juarez, Maureen Y Lichtveld, Daniel Sarpong, Aramandla Ramesh, Michael A Langston, Gary L Rogers, Charles A Phillips, John F Reichard, Macarius M Donneyong, William Blot

Validity of the SF-12 for use in a low-income African American community-based research initiative (REACH 2010).
Celia O Larson, David Schlundt, Kushal Patel, Katina Beard, Margaret Hargreaves

Formative research to design a culturally-appropriate cancer clinical trial education program to increase participation of African American and Latino communities.
Jennifer Cunningham-Erves, Claudia Barajas, Tilicia L Mayo-Gamble, Caree R McAfee, Pamela C Hull, Maureen Sanderson, Juan Canedo, Katina Beard, Consuelo H Wilkins

Community screening outcomes for diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol: Nashville REACH 2010 project.
Kushal Patel, Celia Larson, Margaret Hargreaves, David Schlundt, Hong Wang, Corey Jones, Katina Beard

Application of the Public Health Exposome Framework to Estimate Phenotypes of Resilience in a Model Ohio African-American Women's Cohort.
Patricia Cifuentes, John Reichard, Wansoo Im, Sakima Smith, Cynthia Colen, Carmen Giurgescu, Karen Patricia Williams, Shannon Gillespie, Paul D Juarez, Darryl B Hood