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Family & Community Medicine

Medicine in the context of where and with whom we live.

Family & Community Medicine Publications

The Effects of Social, Personal, and Behavioral Risk Factors and PM2.5 on Cardio-Metabolic Disparities in a Cohort of Community Health Center Patients.
Paul D Juarez, Mohammad Tabatabai, Robert Burciaga Valdez, Darryl B Hood, Wansoo Im, Charles Mouton, Cynthia Colen, Mohammad Z Al-Hamdan, Patricia Matthews-Juarez, Maureen Y Lichtveld, Daniel Sarpong, Aramandla Ramesh, Michael A Langston, Gary L Rogers, Charles A Phillips, John F Reichard, Macarius M Donneyong, William Blot

Validity of the SF-12 for use in a low-income African American community-based research initiative (REACH 2010).
Celia O Larson, David Schlundt, Kushal Patel, Katina Beard, Margaret Hargreaves

Community screening outcomes for diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol: Nashville REACH 2010 project.
Kushal Patel, Celia Larson, Margaret Hargreaves, David Schlundt, Hong Wang, Corey Jones, Katina Beard

Formative research to design a culturally-appropriate cancer clinical trial education program to increase participation of African American and Latino communities.
Jennifer Cunningham-Erves, Claudia Barajas, Tilicia L Mayo-Gamble, Caree R McAfee, Pamela C Hull, Maureen Sanderson, Juan Canedo, Katina Beard, Consuelo H Wilkins

Application of the Public Health Exposome Framework to Estimate Phenotypes of Resilience in a Model Ohio African-American Women's Cohort.
Patricia Cifuentes, John Reichard, Wansoo Im, Sakima Smith, Cynthia Colen, Carmen Giurgescu, Karen Patricia Williams, Shannon Gillespie, Paul D Juarez, Darryl B Hood