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Restorative Dentistry

Managing diseases of the teeth and their supporting structures.

Restorative Dentistry Team Publications

Implementing and evaluating a community-based, inter-institutional, interprofessional education pilot programme.
Stubbs C, Schorn MN, Leavell JP, Espiritu EW, Davis G, Gentry CK, Friedman E, Patton T, Graham A, Crowder R, Wilkins CH

Refining a Church-Based Lifestyle Intervention Targeting African-American Adults at Risk for Cardiometabolic Diseases: A Pilot Study.
Zhou YE, Jackson CD, Oates VJ, Davis GW, Davis C, Takizala ZM, Akatue RA, Williams K, Liu J, H├ębert JR, Patel KA, Buchowski MS, Schlundt DG, Hargreaves MK