The study and treatment of tumors.

Oncology Publications

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Intensive Care Unit Delirium After Traumatic Brain Injury: A Retrospective Cohort Study.
Laura D Wilson, Amelia W Maiga, Sarah Lombardo, Mina F Nordness, Diane N Haddad, Shayan Rakhit, Laney F Smith, Erika L Rivera, Madison R Cook, Jennifer L Thompson, Rameela Raman, Mayur B Patel

Proceedings from the Albert Charitable Trust Inaugural Workshop on 'Understanding the Acute Effects of Exercise on the Brain'.
Jill N Barnes, Jeffrey M Burns, Marcas M Bamman, Sandra A Billinger, Sue C Bodine, Frank W Booth, Patrice Brassard, Tameka A Clemons, Paul J Fadel, Paige C Geiger, Swathi Gujral, Jacob M Haus, Scott E Kanoski, Benjamin F Miller, Jill K Morris, Kristin M S O'Connell, David C Poole, Darleen A Sandoval, J Carson Smith, Russell H Swerdlow, Shawn N Whitehead, Eric D Vidoni, Henriette van Praag

Sex and Race Disparities in Mortality and Years of Potential Life Lost Among People With HIV: A 21-Year Observational Cohort Study.
Rachael A Pellegrino, Peter F Rebeiro, Megan Turner, Amber Davidson, Noelle Best, Chandler Shaffernocker, Asghar Kheshti, Sean Kelly, Stephen Raffanti, Timothy R Sterling, Jessica L Castilho

Understanding Physical Distancing and Face Mask Use Across High-Risk African American Subgroups During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Application of Health Belief Model.
Jamal Moss, Leah Alexander, Iman Barré, Imari Parham, Taneisha Gillyard, Jamaine Davis, Jennifer Cunningham-Erves

PSICalc: a novel approach to identifying and ranking critical non-proximal interdependencies within the overall protein structure.
Thomas D Townsley, James T Wilson, Harrison Akers, Timothy Bryant, Salvador Cordova, T L Wallace, Kirk K Durston, Joseph E Deweese

Recurrent Left Atrial Myxoma: The Significance of Active Surveillance.
Oluwaremilekun Tolu-Akinnawo, Rabira R Dufera, Nagendra Ramanna