The study and treatment of tumors.

Oncology Publications

Recruitment and retention for chronic pain clinical trials: a narrative review.
Nan Kennedy, Sarah Nelson, Rebecca N Jerome, Terri L Edwards, Mary Stroud, Consuelo H Wilkins, Paul A Harris

Cerebral hemodynamic changes after haploidentical hematopoietic stem cell transplant in adults with sickle cell disease.
Megan A Aumann, Wesley Richerson, Alexander K Song, L Taylor Davis, Sumit Pruthi, Samantha Davis, Niral J Patel, Chelsea Custer, Adetola A Kassim, Michael R DeBaun, Manus J Donahue, Lori C Jordan

Assessing burnout among early career faculty in US dental schools.
Aisha D Henry, Reginald O Salter, Daniel L Young, Jacinta Leavell

COVID-19 risk communication gaps, needs, and strategies related to pandemic preparedness plans among vulnerable, Black American subgroups: A qualitative study.
Jennifer Cunningham-Erves, Megan Davis, Elizabeth C Stewart, Leah Alexander, Jamal Moss, Iman Barre, Imari Parham, Tilicia Mayo-Gamble, Jamaine Davis