About Regulatory Affairs

Meharry has multiple internal regulatory committees in place to ensure that all research conforms to the highest standards of ethics, compassion and professional responsibility. Researchers must comply with the latest federal/state/institutional guidelines for the protection of human and animal subjects, biohazardous materials research, scientific conduct and statements of conflict of interest. These committees also offer education and training for all MMC researchers (faculty, students and staff).

Meharry’s policy regarding research [link] states: All MMC research activities proposing to involve human, animal subjects and biohazardous materials MUST be reviewed and receive written, unconditional approval from the appropriate regulatory committee before commencing.

This policy applies to ALL research, including that in the School of Medicine, School of Dentistry and School of Graduate Studies, (behavioral and social sciences) regardless of whether it is funded or not.

Research protocols that involve:

Important Notice: Any and all research activity on MMC’s campus involving Meharry personnel must register with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). Contact the IBC Office by email: IBC@mmc.edu.

Standard Operating Procedures

CITI Training: Before submitting a protocol for regulatory review, you must receive training in the relevant ethics and research integrity topics. Meharry relies on the CITI Program for research ethics and compliance training. Register or login to view the required modules. A certificate of completion is required before any regulatory committees can review your protocols.

Key Solutions compliance management platform: To submit a protocol to any of the regulatory committees, register an account with eProtocol. Committee-specific protocol forms are provided in the platform.

Regulatory Affairs Team

Kimberly Thomas, RN, LNC, CCRP

Director, Regulatory Affairs
Office for Research & Innovation

(615) 327-6735

Lisa Jones, MS

Regulatory Review Administrator
Office for Research & Innovation


Adul Sawas, PhD

Human Subjects Protection Administrator and Bioethics Officer
Office for Research & Innovation