High-energy radiation for diagnosing and treating disease.

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Historically Black Schools of Medicine Radiology Residency Programs: Contributions and Lessons Learned.
Andrea A Birch, Lucy B Spalluto, Tonuka Chatterjee, Christian N Nguyen, Johnson B Lightfoote, Gail N Morgan, Marques L Bradshaw, Sandra A Bates, Stephanie E Spottswood

Trainees May Add Value to Patient Care by Decreasing Addendum Utilization in Radiology Reports.
Patricia Balthazar, Christina Konstantopoulos, Carson A Wick, Ariadne K DeSimone, Srini Tridandapani, Stephen Simoneaux, Kimberly E Applegate

COVID-19 Radiology Preparedness, Challenges & Opportunities: Responses From 18 Countries.
Bhavya Rehani, Jose A Rodriguez, Jeffers K Nguyen, Mauli M Patel, Simon G Ammanuel, Elliott Winford, William P Dillon

The Impact of Extreme Neighborhood Socioeconomic Deprivation on Access to American College of Radiology-accredited Advanced Imaging Facilities.
Oyinloye Jose, Elizabeth M Stoeckl, Randy C Miles, Victoria L Mango, Nicholas J Reid, Amelia S B Wagner, Ian A Weissman, Efren J Flores, Alexander Morla, Anand K Narayan

An Upstream Reparative Justice Framework for Improving Diversity in Radiology.
Peter Abraham, Tonuka Chatterjee, Efren J Flores, Johnson B Lightfoote, Karla A Sepulveda, Lucy B Spalluto, Marc H Willis