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Center for Educational Development & Support

Peer Tutor Program

The Center for Educational Development and Support (CEDS), Peer Tutor Program, which officially began in August 2007, constitutes an important and effective component of the student services offered by CEDS. The Peer Tutor Program has been nationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association since 2009.

The main objectives of the Peer Tutor Program are:

  • To bridge the gap between classroom teaching and individual studying by providing an academic support program that is staffed by student tutors.
  • To foster the dynamics of individual or group tutorial interaction among peers.
  • To develop the interest and capabilities of students who may pursue careers in academia.

Tutoring sessions are available upon request to all students. Students can request individual or group tutoring sessions. Group tutoring is five or less students or with your study group. Please contact CEDS staff for a tutor request form. You will be contacted about your tutor appointment within 48 hours upon completion of the tutor request form.