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Environmental Health

Monitoring and mitigating factors in the environment that affect human health.

Environmental Health Publications

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and digestive tract cancers: a perspective.
Deacqunita L Diggs, Ashley C Huderson, Kelly L Harris, Jeremy N Myers, Leah D Banks, Perumalla V Rekhadevi, Mohammad S Niaz, Aramandla Ramesh

Analysis of an environmental exposure health questionnaire in a metropolitan minority population utilizing logistic regression and Support Vector Machines.
Chau-Kuang Chen, Michelle Bruce, Lauren Tyler, Claudine Brown, Angelica Garrett, Susan Goggins, Brandy Lewis-Polite, Mirabel L Weriwoh, Paul D Juarez, Darryl B Hood, Tyler Skelton

The public health exposome: a population-based, exposure science approach to health disparities research.
Paul D Juarez, Patricia Matthews-Juarez, Darryl B Hood, Wansoo Im, Robert S Levine, Barbara J Kilbourne, Michael A Langston, Mohammad Z Al-Hamdan, William L Crosson, Maurice G Estes, Sue M Estes, Vincent K Agboto, Paul Robinson, Sacoby Wilson, Maureen Y Lichtveld

Activation of MAPK and FoxO by manganese (Mn) in rat neonatal primary astrocyte cultures.
Vernat Exil, Li Ping, Yingchun Yu, Sudipta Chakraborty, Samuel W Caito, K Sam Wells, Pratap Karki, Eunsook Lee, Michael Aschner