Community Engagement Core

The Meharry Community Engagement Core connects community members and organizations with Meharry researchers to conduct research and share results that will improve health for communities that experience the poorest health outcomes.


To eradicate health and healthcare disparities through long-term, collaborative, mutually beneficial community/academic research partnership.


To combine the passion, knowledge, and skills of community partners and academic researchers to carry out research, share research results, and put into practice research findings that advance health equity and improve health for communities that experience the poorest health outcomes.

Partnership Opportunities

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Community Engagement Core Publications

Metformin regulates multiple signaling pathways within castration-resistant human prostate cancer cells.
Emuejevoke Olokpa, Sammed N Mandape, Siddharth Pratap, La Monica V Stewart

Sickle Cell Disease and Gene Therapy - Patient and Physician Perspectives.
Michael DeBaun, Matthew Heeney, Terry Jackson, Dan Longo, Melesa Love, Trinity Love, Phillip Okwo, Alexis Thompson, Cassandra Trimnell, Teonna Woolford

Development and pilot implementation of guidelines for culturally tailored research recruitment materials for African Americans and Latinos.
Jennifer Cunningham-Erves, Sheila V Kusnoor, Victoria Villalta-Gil, Sarah C Stallings, Jabari S Ichimura, Tiffany L Israel, Paul A Harris, Consuelo H Wilkins