Themes / Immunology


How the body determines and reacts to itself and non-self.

Immunology Researchers

Evangeline Motley-Johnson, PhD, FAHA

Interim Dean & Professor
School of Graduate Studies and Research
Center for Women's Health Research

(615) 327-6527


Associate Professor
School of Medicine

(615) 327-6997

Zhongmao Guo, MD, PhD

School of Medicine

(615) 327-6804

Immunology Team Publications

Small-Molecule Natural Product Physachenolide C Potentiates Immunotherapy Efficacy by Targeting BET Proteins.
Tewary P, Brooks AD, Xu YM, Wijeratne EMK, Babyak AL, Back TC, Chari R, Evans CN, Henrich CJ, Meyer TJ, Edmondson EF, Prudente de Aquino MT, Kanagasabai T, Shanker A, Gunatilaka AAL, Sayers TJ

A glycine substitution in the collagenous domain of Col4a3 in mice recapitulates late onset Alport syndrome.
Odiatis C, Savva I, Pieri M, Ioannou P, Petrou P, Papagregoriou G, Antoniadou K, Makrides N, Stefanou C, Ljubanović DG, Nikolaou G, Borza DB, Stylianou K, Gross O, Deltas C

Tim17 Updates: A Comprehensive Review of an Ancient Mitochondrial Protein Translocator.
Chaudhuri M, Darden C, Gonzalez FS, Singha UK, Quinones L, Tripathi A

Phase II Study of Immunotherapy With Tecemotide and Bevacizumab After Chemoradiation in Patients With Unresectable Stage III Non-Squamous Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (NS-NSCLC): A Trial of the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group (E6508).
Patel JD, Lee JW, Carbone DP, Wagner H, Shanker A, de Aquino MTP, Horn L, Johnson ML, Gerber DE, Liu JJ, Das MS, Al-Nsour MA, Dakhil CSR, Ramalingam S, Schiller JH