Faculty Biography

Dorin Bogdan Borza, PhD

Assistant Professor
Microbiology, Immunology, Physiology
School of Medicine
(615) 963-2833 | dborza@mmc.edu | Biosketch

Center Affiliations

Health Disparities Research Center of Excellence

Research Themes

Autoimmune Diseases, Cardiovascular Disease, Rare & Population-Specific Genetic Diseases

Active Research Projects

A Novel SLE Susceptibility Locus: Mechanistic Insights from African-Specific, Common Loss-of-Function Variant (Dept of Defense CDMRP, Lupus Research Program) Mechanisms of autoimmunity targeting glomerular basement membrane antigens Structure, function and pathobiology of type IV collagen in kidney disease


Laminin-521 is a Novel Target of Autoantibodies Associated with Lung Hemorrhage in Anti-GBM Disease.
Cong-Rong Shen, Xiao-Yu Jia, Wentian Luo, Florina Olaru, Zhao Cui, Ming-Hui Zhao, Dorin-Bogdan Borza

A glycine substitution in the collagenous domain of Col4a3 in mice recapitulates late onset Alport syndrome.
Christoforos Odiatis, Isavella Savva, Myrtani Pieri, Pavlos Ioannou, Petros Petrou, Gregory Papagregoriou, Kyriaki Antoniadou, Neoklis Makrides, Charalambos Stefanou, Danica Galešić Ljubanović, Georgios Nikolaou, Dorin-Bogdan Borza, Kostas Stylianou, Oliver Gross, Constantinos Deltas

Maternal alloimmune IgG causes anti-glomerular basement membrane disease in perinatal transgenic mice that express human laminin α5.
Dale R Abrahamson, Brooke M Steenhard, Larysa Stroganova, Adrian Zelenchuk, Patricia L St John, Margaret G Petroff, Manuel Patarroyo, Dorin Bogdan Borza

Peroxidasin Is a Novel Target of Autoantibodies in Lupus Nephritis.
Pallavi Manral, Selene Colon, Gautam Bhave, Ming-Hui Zhao, Sanjay Jain, Dorin-Bogdan Borza

Alternative Pathway Is Essential for Glomerular Complement Activation and Proteinuria in a Mouse Model of Membranous Nephropathy.
Wentian Luo, Florina Olaru, Jeffrey H Miner, Laurence H Beck, Johan van der Vlag, Joshua M Thurman, Dorin-Bogdan Borza


glomerulonephritis, autoantibodies, basement membranes, complement