The Consolidated Research instrumentation, Informatics, Statistics, and Learning Integration Suite.

The CRISALIS, funded by the RCMI Program in Health Disparities Research at Meharry Medical College, physically and operationally co-locates the equipment and personnel of our shared research resources, providing synergistic services to enhance research productivity and outcomes. Intentionally evoking a metamorphic process, CRISALIS is ready to support transdisciplinary research spanning micro to macro scales of inquiry in pursuit of health equity. Services, pricing, up to date equipment lists, and contact information are available at the iLabs link below under the Facility/Resource URL tab – account required.

CRISALIS Administration Team

Anja Izban

Research Assistant Sr.
Office for Research and Innovation

(615) 327-6091

Derek Wilus

Jr. Biostatistician
School of Medicine

Franklin Nouvet

Business/Lab Manager
Office for Research and Innovation

(615) 327-6604

Jeffrey Leegon

Bioinformatics Data Analyst
School of Graduate Studies and Research

Michael Izban, PhD

Acting Scientific/Managing Director, Translational Pathology Shared Resource/Tissue Acquisition Core
School of Medicine

(605) 327-6603

Qiujia Shao, PhD

Staff Scientist, Flow Cytometry
Office for Research and Innovation

(615) 327-6804

Robert Holt, PhD

Professor, Director
School of Medicine

(615) 327-6673

Siddharth Pratap, PhD

Associate Professor, Co-Director
School of Graduate Studies and Research

(615) 327-6219

CRISALIS Research Team

Victor Paromov, PhD

Staff Scientist, Bioinformatics and Proteomics
Office for Research and Innovation

CRISALIS Publications

Optogenetic-induced multimerization of the dopamine transporter increases uptake and trafficking to the plasma membrane.
Shalonda M Ingram, Tanu Rana, Ashley M Manson, Faisal M Yayah, Evan G B Jackson, Christopher Anderson, Benem-Orom Davids, J Shawn Goodwin

Mechanistic role of antioxidants in rescuing delayed gastric emptying in high fat diet induced diabetic female mice.
Chethan Sampath, Derek Wilus, Mohammad Tabatabai, Michael L Freeman, Pandu R Gangula

An introduction to new robust linear and monotonic correlation coefficients.
Mohammad Tabatabai, Stephanie Bailey, Zoran Bursac, Habib Tabatabai, Derek Wilus, Karan P Singh

KDM5B Is Essential for the Hyperactivation of PI3K/AKT Signaling in Prostate Tumorigenesis.
Guoliang Li, Thanigaivelan Kanagasabai, Wenfu Lu, Mike R Zou, Shang-Min Zhang, Sherly I Celada, Michael G Izban, Qi Liu, Tao Lu, Billy R Ballard, Xinchun Zhou, Samuel E Adunyah, Robert J Matusik, Qin Yan, Zhenbang Chen

The Effects of Perceived Stress and Cortisol Concentration on Antiretroviral Adherence When Mediated by Psychological Flexibility Among Southern Black Men Living with HIV.
Robert L Cooper, Lauren L Brown, Mohammad Tabatabai, David W Haas, Bryan E Shepherd, Hector F Myers, Ryan D Edgerton, Castro Bonny, Julia A Watson, Vladimir Berthaud

Modeling dynamics of fatal opioid overdose by state and across time.
R Lyle Cooper, Janese Thompson, Ryan Edgerton, Julia Watson, Samuel A MacMaster, Medhat Kalliny, Miranda M Huffman, Paul Juarez, Patricia Mathews-Juarez, Mohammad Tabatabai, Karan P Singh