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Vanderbilt-Miami-Meharry Center of Excellence in Precision Medicine and Population Health

The mission of the Vanderbilt-Miami-Meharry Center for Excellence in Precision Medicine and Population Health is to provide a diverse group of researchers with the infrastructure and resources to develop collaborative research teams that use precision medicine approaches to eliminate disparities in health outcomes, specifically among African Americans and Latinos. Our objectives encompass scientific, educational, and advocacy areas. We fill the cross-training gap between human genomics research and disparities research; generate awareness of immediately addressable disparities and propose practical solutions; and are a resource nationally for disparities knowledge. The combined resources and expertise of our partners yields extraordinary services and new resources that propels precision medicine and health disparities research.

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Vanderbilt-Miami-Meharry Center for Excellence Team

Stephanie Miller-Hughes, PhD, MSCI

Director, Community Engagement Core & Associate Professor
School of Medicine
Community Outreach & Engagement

(615) 327-5666

Vanderbilt-Miami-Meharry Center of Excellence in Precision Medicine and Population Health Publications

Inequity in Cancer and Cancer Care Delivery in the United States.
Andrew P Loehrer, Sybil R Green, Karen M Winkfield

Eicosanoid-Regulated Myeloid ENaC and Isolevuglandin Formation in Human Salt-Sensitive Hypertension.
Lale A Ertuglu, Ashley Pitzer Mutchler, S Jamison, Cheryl L Laffer, Fernando Elijovich, Mohammad Saleem, Daniel J Blackwell, Dmytro O Kryshtal, Christian L Egly, Melis Sahinoz, Quanhu Sheng, Celestine N Wanjalla, Suman Pakala, Justin Yu, Orlando M Gutierrez, Thomas R Kleyman, Björn C Knollmann, T Alp Ikizler, Annet Kirabo

The RIC Recruitment & Retention Materials Toolkit - a resource for developing community-informed study materials.
Stephanie A Mayers, Sarah K Cook, Caitlin Rantala, Tiffany Israel, Tara Helmer, Matt Schorr, Guadalupe Campos, David Hahn, Pamela Pimentel, Mysha Wynn, Terri L Edwards, Mary Stroud, Paul A Harris, Consuelo H Wilkins

Operation Diversify Plastic Surgery: An Innovative Strategy to Increase Diversity in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
Mauricio A Downer, Dorian Hill, Chilando Mulenga, Ariel Vinson, Edgar Soto, Olatunde Bashorun, DeCoria McCauley, Kylar Wiltz, Ashley Newman, Paris D Butler

The Tennessee Center for AIDS Research HIV Research Training Program for Minority High School and Undergraduate Students: Development, Implementation, and Early Outcomes.
John R Koethe, Angela Eeds, LaMonica V Stewart, David W Haas, James E K Hildreth, Simon Mallal, Celestine Wanjalla, Jessica Perkins, Aima Ahonkhai, Xinhong Dong, Rebecca Berhanu, Chandravanu Dash

Defining Mitochondrial Cristae Morphology Changes Induced by Aging in Brown Adipose Tissue.
Amber Crabtree, Kit Neikirk, Andrea G Marshall, Larry Vang, Aaron J Whiteside, Qiana Williams, Christopher T Altamura, Trinity Celeste Owens, Dominique Stephens, Bryanna Shao, Alice Koh, Mason Killion, Edgar Garza Lopez, Jacob Lam, Ben Rodriguez, Margaret Mungai, Jade Stanley, E Danielle Dean, Ho-Jin Koh, Jennifer A Gaddy, Estevão Scudese, Mariya Sweetwyne, Jamaine Davis, Elma Zaganjor, Sandra A Murray, Prasanna Katti, Steven M Damo, Zer Vue, Antentor Hinton