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A Paternal Fish Oil Diet Preconception Reduces Lung Inflammation in a Toxicant-Driven Murine Model of New Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia.
Jelonia T Rumph, Victoria R Stephens, Sharareh Ameli, LaKendria K Brown, Kayla J Rayford, Pius N Nde, Kevin G Osteen, Kaylon L Bruner-Tran

A Case Study of Enhancing the Data Science Capacity of an RCMI Program at a Historically Black Medical College.
Qingguo Wang, Vibhuti Gupta, Aize Cao, Ashutosh Singhal, Todd Gary, Samuel E Adunyah

Patient-Reported Outcomes Collection at an Urban HIV Clinic Associated With a Historically Black Medical College in the Southern United States: Qualitative Interview Study Among Patients With HIV.
Paul E Parisot Iii, Facerlyn Wheeler, Kemberlee Bonnet, Peter F Rebeiro, Cassandra O Schember, Korlu McCainster, Robert L Cooper, Vladimir Berthaud, David G Schlundt, April C Pettit

Kayla J Rayford, Ayorinde Cooley, Anthony W Strode, Inmar Osi, Ashutosh Arun, Maria F Lima, Smita Misra, Siddharth Pratap, Pius N Nde

Hair Oils May Worsen Seborrheic Dermatitis in Black Patients.
Tiffany Mayo, Jewell Dinkins, Boni Elewski