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Toxic stress and burnout: John Henryism and social dominance in the laboratory and STEM workforce.
Tiffany Rolle, Zer Vue, Sandra A Murray, Salma Ash Shareef, Haysetta D Shuler, Heather K Beasley, Andrea G Marshall, Antentor Hinton

The association of prostatic lipids with progression, racial disparity and discovery of biomarkers in prostate cancer.
Xinchun Zhou, Jinghe Mao, Wanxin Peng, Zhenbang Chen, Hao Mei, Patrick Kyle, Yinyuan Mo, Timothy C Allen

Trypanosoma brucei Tim50 Possesses PAP Activity and Plays a Critical Role in Cell Cycle Regulation and Parasite Infectivity.
Anuj Tripathi, Ujjal K Singha, Ayorinde Cooley, Taneisha Gillyard, Evan Krystofiak, Siddharth Pratap, Jamaine Davis, Minu Chaudhuri

Team sport participation protects against burnout during neurosurgery training: a cross-sectional survey study.
Aaron M Yengo-Kahn, Heather Grimaudo, Daniel A Tonetti, Carter Burns, Christopher M Bonfield, Michael C Dewan, John C Wellons, Rohan V Chitale, Lola B Chambless, Scott L Zuckerman

Integrating Primary Care Into Assertive Community Treatment.
Jeanie Tse, Jason E Cheng, Edward Tabasky, Emily Kingman, Drew LaStella, Gertie Quitangon, David Woodlock