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Amos Sakwe, PhD, MSCI

Associate Professor
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Biochemistry, Cancer Biology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology
School of Graduate Studies and Research
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Center for Women’s Health Research

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Cancer Biology

Active Research Projects

Mechanisms of Annexin A6 mediated basal-like breast cancer progression, NIH/NIGMS 1SC1211030

Goals Schematic

A6 and GRF2-1


The rapid endocytic uptake of fetuin-A by adherent tumor cells is mediated by Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4).
Portia L Thomas, Gladys Nangami, Tanu Rana, Adam Evans, Stephen D Williams, Dylan Crowell, Anil Shanker, Amos M Sakwe, Josiah Ochieng

Diverse Roles of Annexin A6 in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Prognosis and EGFR-Targeted Therapies.
Olga Y Korolkova, Sarrah E Widatalla, Stephen D Williams, Diva S Whalen, Heather K Beasley, Josiah Ochieng, Thomas Grewal, Amos M Sakwe

Reciprocal expression of Annexin A6 and RasGRF2 discriminates rapidly growing from invasive triple negative breast cancer subsets.
Olga Y Korolkova, Sarrah E Widatalla, Diva S Whalen, Gladys N Nangami, Adeniyi Abimbola, Stephen D Williams, Heather K Beasley, Emily Reisenbichler, Mary Kay Washington, Josiah Ochieng, Ingrid A Mayer, Brian D Lehmann, Amos M Sakwe

Lapatinib-induced annexin A6 upregulation as an adaptive response of triple-negative breast cancer cells to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors.
Sarrah E Widatalla, Olga Y Korolkova, Diva S Whalen, J Shawn Goodwin, Kevin P Williams, Josiah Ochieng, Amos M Sakwe

Implication of calcium activated RasGRF2 in Annexin A6-mediated breast tumor cell growth and motility.
Diva S Whalen, Sarrah E Widatalla, Olga Y Korolkova, Gladys S Nangami, Heather K Beasley, Stephen D Williams, Carlos Virgous, Brian D Lehmann, Josiah Ochieng, Amos M Sakwe

Extracellular histones are the ligands for the uptake of exosomes and hydroxyapatite-nanoparticles by tumor cells via syndecan-4.
Josiah Ochieng, Gladys Nangami, Amos Sakwe, Tanu Rana, Shalonda Ingram, Jeffrey S Goodwin, Cierra Moye, Philip Lammers, Samuel E Adunyah


Triple negative breast cancer, tumor progression, cancer induced hypercalcemia, drug resistance, extracellular vesicles