Faculty Biography

Deok-Soo Son, DVM, PhD

Associate Professor
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Secondary Appointment
Biochemistry, Cancer Biology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology
School of Medicine
(615) 327-6189 | dson@mmc.edu

Center Affiliations

Center for Women’s Health Research, Health Disparities Research Center of Excellence

Research Themes

Cancer Biology, Obesity

Active Research Projects

1) Roles of proinflammatory chemokines linking obesity and breast cancer, SC1CA200519 (NIH/NCI), PI

2) Targeting CXCR2 as a driver for obesity-derived progression of ovarian cancer, U54CA163069 (NIH/NCI), Full Project Investigator

3) Intermittent fasting targets tumorigenic chemokines in triple-negative breast cancer, P50CA098131 (NCI), Developmental Project Investigator

Goals Schematic

Goals Schematic Son


Astrocyte-specific deletion of the transcription factor Yin Yang 1 in murine substantia nigra mitigates manganese-induced dopaminergic neurotoxicity.
Edward Pajarillo, James Johnson, Asha Rizor, Ivan Nyarko-Danquah, Getinet Adinew, Julia Bornhorst, Michael Stiboller, Tania Schwerdtle, Deok-Soo Son, Michael Aschner, Eunsook Lee

LRRK2 kinase plays a critical role in manganese-induced inflammation and apoptosis in microglia.
Judong Kim, Edward Pajarillo, Asha Rizor, Deok-Soo Son, Jayden Lee, Michael Aschner, Eunsook Lee

Serum amyloid A predisposes inflammatory tumor microenvironment in triple negative breast cancer.
Rosa Mistica C Ignacio, Carla R Gibbs, Soohyun Kim, Eun-Sook Lee, Samuel E Adunyah, Deok-Soo Son


Chemokines Acute phase proteins Breast cancer Ovarian cancer Obesity