Faculty Biography

Twum-Ampofo Ansah Ansah, PhD

Meharry Chemical & Biological Safety Officer
Health & Safety
615.327.6642 | tansah@mmc.edu


Dietary epicatechin improves survival and delays skeletal muscle degeneration in aged mice.
Hongwei Si, Xiaoyong Wang, Longyun Zhang, Laurence D Parnell, Bulbul Admed, Tanya LeRoith, Twum-Ampofo Ansah, Lijuan Zhang, Jianwei Li, José M Ordovás, Hongzong Si, Dongmin Liu, Chao-Qiang Lai

Nifedipine potentiates the toxic effects of cocaine in mice.
Twum-Ampofo Ansah, Littleton H Wade, Prapaporn Kopsombut, Dolores C Shockley