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Burden of employment loss and absenteeism in adults and caregivers of children with sickle cell disease.
Rachel D'Amico Gordon, Rina Li Welkie, Nives Quaye, Jane S Hankins, Adetola A Kassim, Alexis A Thompson, Marsha Treadwell, Chyongchiou J Lin, Robert M Cronin

Considerations from employed African-American and white prostate cancer survivors on prostate cancer treatment and survivorship: a qualitative analysis.
Otis L Owens, Emily V Dressler, Andrew Mayfield, Karen M Winkfield, L Spencer Krane, Melyssa Foust, Joanne C Sandberg

Thrombosis risk with haemoglobin C trait and haemoglobin C disease: A systematic review.
Jeremy W Jacobs, Deva Sharma, Laura D Stephens, Cristina A Figueroa Villalba, Henry M Rinder, Jennifer S Woo, Allison P Wheeler, Dana Gerberi, Ruchika Goel, Christopher A Tormey, Garrett S Booth, Evan M Bloch, Brian D Adkins

Navigating Hair Loss in Medical School: Experiences of 2 Young Black Women.
Jewell Dinkins, Chidubem A V Okeke, Angel S Byrd, Cheri Frey

Climbing the mountain of adversity and removing barriers along the path.
Antentor Hinton, Haysetta D Shuler, Sandra A Murray, Jamaine Davis, Steven Damo