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Current developmental screening practices in young children with sickle cell disease.
Chibuzo J Aguwa, Alicia D Cannon, James F Casella, Bruce K Shapiro, Eboni I Lance

Black Families' Experiences of Developmental Screening: Review of Well-Child Visits to Inform Enhanced Autism Spectrum Disorder Risk Assessment.
Amy S Weitlauf, Alison Vehorn, Alexandra Miceli, Theodora Pinnock, Yewande Dada, Jeffrey Hine, Zachary Warren

Piglet cardiopulmonary bypass induces intestinal dysbiosis and barrier dysfunction associated with systemic inflammation.
Jeffrey D Salomon, Haowen Qiu, Dan Feng, Jacob Owens, Ludmila Khailova, Suzanne Osorio Lujan, John Iguidbashian, Yashpal S Chhonker, Daryl J Murry, Jean Jack Riethoven, Merry L Lindsey, Amar B Singh, Jesse A Davidson

Both hemophilia health care providers and hemophilia a carriers report that carriers have excessive bleeding.
Allison Paroskie, Olatunde Oso, Benjamin Almassi, Michael R DeBaun, Robert F Sidonio

Development and validation of a thallium flux-based functional assay for the sodium channel NaV1.7 and its utility for lead discovery and compound profiling.
Yu Du, Emily Days, Ian Romaine, Kris K Abney, Kristian Kaufmann, Gary Sulikowski, Shaun Stauffer, Craig W Lindsley, C David Weaver